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Keep Your Story Alive with Cherished Family History

Capturing the essence of your life in your own voice is nothing short of a treasure. Let’s make it happen together.

Preserve Your Legacy

We at Cherished Family History believe in the power of personal narratives. Those memories, those stories, and those life lessons, they are not just yours. They are your family’s legacy. They are the stories future generations will cherish. We provide you the platform and guidance to record your personal histories.

Benefits of Recording Your History

We’ll schedule a 90-minute interview at your convenience

How It Works

We’ll arrange a relaxed, 90-minute conversation at your preferred location. We’ll guide you through a selection of meaningful questions, stirring up memories and stories that make up your life’s tapestry.

The recorded conversation is then professionally edited for clarity and impact, producing an authentic, studio-quality recording ready to share. Each recording is a keepsake, a touchstone for future generations to connect with, learn from, and cherish.

Recent Recordings

Explore samples of our work.

 What Our Clients Say

Our clients’ satisfaction speaks volumes about our work:

I’m thankful for the chance to tell my story in my own voice for my family to learn about their Papa

Gerry S.

It really was fun to share my stories. My family and I are so pleased at how well it turned out. Thanks, Dan!

Sarah J

Dan had a knack for putting me at ease and bringing out important information for my story

Jack R.

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